Celebrant work is so rewarding. Not only do I get to share one of life’s most exciting days, but I get to meet beautiful, fascinating people, learn about their stories and then plan a ceremony that is unique for them. I especially like creating ceremonies where the bride and groom want to do something completely different.

My most unique ceremony was for Mark and Kylie. Apart from never meeting face to face before the wedding, Kylie asked if they could have an indigenous ceremony as Mark is of Aboriginal heritage. Kylie was worried that I wouldn’t agree. But of course I jumped at the chance to be involved in something so unique and cultural.

This involved me working in collaboration with indigenous performer David Carriage.  It also required me to have my face painted and to wear traditional headwear.


David appeared in full body paint – so I was glad I wore an outfit that matched. Many Aboriginal ceremonial rites were incorporated into the ceremony.

Firstly a smoking ceremony – where smoke produced from the burning of special leaves cleanses and strengthens all who walk through it. The bridal party, myself walked through the smoke as well as any guests who wished to participate.



During the ceremony totems were painted on the arms of the bride and groom to depict their individual journey.






The whole family (5 children and 1 grandchild) were in the bridal party which was wonderful and it was a touching intimate ceremony that perfectly suited Mark and Kylie. I was so thrilled to be a part of it.

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