Commitment Ceremony

A Commitment Ceremony is the celebration of the bond two people share, their public declaration of love and decision to be life-long partners. Through this sincere expression of love and exchange of vows, a Commitment Ceremony is an honourable way to proclaim the way the couple feel for each other and can be one of the most meaningful and powerful moments in their lives.

A commitment ceremony is often very similar to a wedding and may be religious or secular, formal and traditional or relaxed and unstructured. Both Wedding and Commitment Ceremonies are about the union of two people in love and their declaration of commitment. Though a Commitment Ceremony is not recognized in most states and territories in Australia as a legal commitment and does not provide you with any legal rights or responsibilities, the ceremony is seen as an ethically moral one. It is an occasion that can be celebrated with family and friends or it can be held privately with only the couple and their celebrant present. Every couple is presented with a personalized Certificate of Commitment as a memento of this beautiful celebration