Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony is a uniquely reflective non-religious ceremony for naming a child. It is a beautiful way to welcome and officially introduce the child to family and friends, pledge your love and support for the child’s future development, and rejoice as they begin their journey through life. A Naming Ceremony is also an opportunity for the parents to declare before family and friends their promises to be as good a parent as they can and for family and friends to confirm their special relationships with the child confirming their guiding and supportive roles.

Naming ceremonies are not restricted to babies or infants and are applicable to anyone and at any age. Important people in the child’s life such as older siblings, special friends, cousins, grandparents, uncles and aunts can also be involved in the ceremony signifying the bond between them and their pledge of support. A Naming Ceremony can also celebrate the uniting of adopted or step children within a family, or the official name change of an adult.


A Naming Ceremony is not legally binding and does not have any legal status however this does not make the event less special. Each Naming Ceremony is uniquely crafted and is reflective on your child, family and your particular needs. You will be presented with a beautiful Certificate as a token of this special day.