Planning Your Wedding

Your wedding ceremony will be one of the greatest celebrations you will experience as a couple. It is one of those rare events that will be forever in your memory, one that will be held within your heart and recalled as months and years pass. Your wedding ceremony is “one of those sweet, significant moments that leave a footprint in your mind.” (Jasper Johns by Craig Silvey) This is an exceptionally exciting period and the choices and decision you make will determine the outcome and success of your wedding day. And as your celebrant I will be there to suggest, to advise and to make it happen.
Once you have determined the date, time and venue for your wedding, you can contact me through the Contact page or by phone to arrange an initial obligation free meeting. Should you select me as your celebrant and if I am available, you will need to make a booking and secure your date by paying your non-refundable deposit.
The next step is for you to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage. This NOIM Form is in accordance with the Australian Marriage Act 1961, valid for up to eighteen months before the marriage, but should be completed at least one calendar month prior to the date of your marriage. You can download a copy of the NOIM Form here or complete the one sent in your Wedding Kit. Please do not complete the back of this form (Page 4) until we next meet as I will need to witness your signatures. You may have it witnessed by another appropriate person listed on the back of the form.

Once your deposit/booking fee is paid, I will provide you with one of my exclusive Wedding Kits; which amongst other things contains sample ceremonies, sample readings and a catalogue of symbols and rituals you can incorporate into your ceremony. Your Wedding Kit will also contain your Personal Questionnaire for you to complete which allows me to get to know you both better and create a ceremony which is reflective on your unique and beautiful journey together. This and any other information given to me during the process is only included in your ceremony with your consent. I also include in your wedding kit a sample Wedding Planner and a list of considerations for you to have in mind when making all your plans.
Once the NOIM form is complete, you bring it with you for signing at our next meeting. I will also need to view your ID and Birth Certificate or Passport along with any appropriate documentation (Please see the Legal Requirements page for documents required).

Once I receive your completed questionnaire I can begin to prepare your personalized ceremony. I will email you the first draft for you to go through, and once you have given me your feedback, we can amend it as required. The draft will not be complete until you are completely happy with the final copy.
I am always available by phone, text or email and I am willing to meet with you when you wish. I strongly recommend holding a wedding rehearsal a few days prior to the wedding day. This is an opportunity to go over the paperwork for the ceremony so you are familiar with it and a chance for everyone to go through the choreography ensuring they know their part. The rehearsal is a convenient time when families, the bridal party and the couple can bond and create a sense of ease and familiarity with each other. The balance of my fee is to be paid at this time.

On the day of the wedding, at the place and time arranged, all parties meet and the marriage takes place. I will arrive 30-45 minutes before the ceremony is due to commence.
All legal documentation is sent to the Registering Authority (Births, Deaths and Marriages) within fourteen days.